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Short agenda and participation notes for 9 Feb. Skypecast

  1. This first virtual STEP conference is open to all comers, but please review this agenda and background materials before taking active part.
    • Click here for opening page of the Skypecast and basic information.
    • Click here to access program which we are being invited to comment.
  2. When you are ready to speak, you are asked to do three things as you come on the air so that we can ensure best use of time: (a) first, introduce yourself by name, organization if any, city, and country. Also (b) please assure us in a word that you have consulted this agenda and the main program site. Then off you go.
    • Interventions will be limited to 3-5 minutes max, and we thank you in advance for being concise.
    • On the other hand, you may wish to make a longer presentation to the group. No problem, in that case we would ask you to get in touch in advance and give us an idea of the topic or issues you wish to address, and how much time you think you will need. If needed, we can fine tune this together.
  3. In the second half of this session, we invite comments and suggestions on the present Skypecast meeting, with a view to seeing if we can refine its organization so as to make it into a more useful way of getting together to exchange views, ideas and suggestions.
    • The meeting is being moderated by Eric Britton. If you have any questions or suggestions, you are invited to contact him with through Skype (address: ericbritton) or email:
    • Finally, it would be kind if, once the meeting is over, you might send an email or chat message to the moderator with your reflections and suggestions for future sessions.

We appreciate your participation and hope you find this a good way to grow your knowledge and contacts on this most important subejct.

Eric Britton

P.S. Next week we shll be looking at road pricing/congestion charging. Next week we will be looking at road pricing/congestion charging. We are looking at Friday at about the same time but are fully open to ideas for another schedule -- bearing in mind that we want to bring in both Europe and the Americas in that session. For some first background on our group commentary on this, please click here. And here.

PPS. And on Monday the 12th, it is the first Global South session for which the details are at This one aims for early morning European time so as to permit max participation of our colleagues to the east.

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